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Stephen M Szabados


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2 Responses to Contact Information

  1. Ray Elvey says:

    Steve, I enjoyed our conversation at the Kiwanis Meeting and have kick started my research and writing activities. I was greatly impressed by the depth of your work.

    Ray Elvey

  2. Susan Maxwell says:

    Hi Steve, I appreciate your help with my Polish grandparents. I am hoping to find out the Polish traditions on filling in the names on a Catholic Church marriage certificate in Chicago. Mike Mulholland gave my grandparents’ certificate to me, typed in Latin.
    Now I want to learn more about their surnames. On the first line is Stanislaus Hajduk from Chicago. The next names are his parents: John and Mary Opatka.
    Is Hajduk the middle name, the surname or Stanley’s mother’s maiden name? I don’t remember what you told me at our meeting in Arlington Heights Library.
    The bride’s name is Josepham Litzak. Her parents names are Francis and Louise Wamenka.
    Is Litzak her mother’s maiden.
    Please explain the way the Polish parents organize their children’s names which then appear on a marriage certificate….especially since he was known in Chicago as “Stanley Hayduk” in the English language.
    Thank you for your help.
    Susan Maxwell

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