Family History Books

My focus in the early stages of my research was not on writing my family history. My focus was on doing the research and identifying the stories that my relatives, documents, and pictures told. I began transcribing the information and stories into summaries for each direct ancestor which I used as a quick reference sheet. I also discovered that these short summaries could easily be read by other family members and they were a great tool in sharing my information,

As my research grew, the summaries expanded and were slowly merged together as I connected with family members and shared groups of summaries with them. Over time the merged groups of summaries were combined and organized into large documents that became the family histories that were published and distributed to the family members. As you can see, the family histories came together almost by accident. This method put very little pressure on me to produce such an important document. There was a lot of work in doing the research and keeping the summaries updated but the final document seemed to emerge and cry out to be published.

I hope the family histories that I have published will be a great treasure to my family and future generations. I also hope that they help us understand our heritage both here in the U.S. and in Europe.

Below I list the family histories that I have published and the family histories that I am still working on. Copies of the family histories are available to family members. Please contact me to get instructions on how to order a copy. I place this limitation on copies due to privacy issues and only make them available to descendants of the people mentioned in the histories.


  1. Ancestors and Descendants of Julia Sirovatka
  2. Jacob Petric and Teresa Strugar: their descendants and ancestors
  3. Martin Szabados and Josephine Szerna: their ancestors and descendants (available on Amazon)
  4. My Polish Ancestors: The Zuchowski and Chmielewski Families
  5. Leopold Zuchowski and Anna Dmochowska and their Ancestors (available on Amazon)
  6. Steve Dombrowski and Helen Swiatkowski: Their Ancestors and Descendants
  7. Ancestors of Frank Dohra and Frances Puchalski
  8. Leroy Whittinghill and Lulu Powell: their Ancestors and Descendants
  9. Silas Howard and Betsey Carpenter: Their Ancestors and Descendants (available on Amazon)
  10. Ancestors Vincent Weinberg and Ethel Reinhardt
  11. Ancestors Lazlo Nagy and Ilona Szerna Erdelyi (available on Amazon)
  12. Harvey Weclew: His Ancestors and Descendants
  13. Henrietta Daubert and her Ancestors
  14. Carl Kalbhen, Ena Clemmensen, and their Ancestors
  15. Ancestors of Robert Dabney and Elaine Floryancic (first draft)

In process:

  1. Ancestors of Harold Howard & Latrona Henderlite: Book Two (note this will cover the ancestors of  Natrona “Toni” Henderlite, Esther Robinson, and Luella Laura Jackson. The ancestors of Harold Howard were included in the material of my book on Silas and Betsy Howard that has already been published)
  2. Ancestors of Dakota and Hunter Hwilka

8 Responses to Family History Books

  1. Patrice (Erichsen) Fagen says:


    I am a direct descendant of Silas Howard and Betsey Carpenter. Eva (Howard) and Hans Erickson are my grandparents. I am very interested in your book and how you are connected to our family. Also, if you have any suggestions respecting how I go about obtaining information related to Hans, in Germany, I would be forever grateful!!

    • Kelly Cook says:

      Patrice, I too am a grand daughter to Hans and Eva Erickson. Who is your mother/father? Mine is Nyla (Erickson) and John Carr. Both have passed. I just purchased the book Silas Howard and Betsey Carpenter and look forward to reading it. I am also interested in Hans’ German background. I understand he was from the Isle of Sylt (spelling??).
      Regards cousin,
      Kelly Cook

      • sszabados says:

        Patrice will be able to see your comment if she returns to my website. The best way to exchange info with her would be if I send her your contact info and she contacts you. Is it OK for me to forward your information to her? Reply using

  2. Pa5 says:

    Kelly, I am working on finding information about Grandpa Erickson history in Germany. I will update our family site as things evolve.

  3. Margie Klein says:

    I recently become acquainted with Julia Murphy. She told me about your books of ancestors. My birth mother was Helen Bergman.

  4. Sheryl Rawlings says:

    How are you related to Carl and Elna Kalbhen? They were my grandparents.

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