Useful Books and Webpages


  • Book – Basic Genealogy by Stephen Szabados
  •  Book – How to Do Everything Genealogy 3rd Edition by George G. Morgan
  •  Book – Index of Chicago Czech obituaries – The Denni Hlasatel obituary index, 1971-1995 by Joe Novak
  • Book – The Family Tree Polish, Czech And Slovak Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Family Tree in Eastern Europe by  Lisa Alzo
  • Book – The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Germanic Ancestry in Europe by James Beidler
  • Book – Dictionary of German Names by Hans Bahlow
  • Book – Polish Genealogy: Four steps to success by Stephen Szabados
  • Book- Following the paper trail: a multilingual translation guide by Jonathan D. Shea & William F. Hoffman
  • Book- In Their Words: a genealogist’s translation guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian documents by Jonathan D. Shea and William F. Hoffman
  • Book- Going Home – A Guide to Polish American Family Research by Jonathan D. Shea
  • Book- A translation guide to 19th-century Polish-language civil registration documents: including birth, marriage and death records by Judith R. Frazin
  • BookFirst Names of the Polish Commonwealth: Origins & Meanings by William F. Hoffman and George Wiesław Helon
  • Book- Polish surnames: origins and meanings by William F. Hoffman
  • Book – Polish Roots. Second Edition 2nd Edition by Rosemary a. Chorzempa
  • Book – Daily Life in Immigrant America 1820-1870 by James M. Bergquist
  • Book – Daily Life in Immigrant America 1870-1920 by June Granatir Alexander
  • Book – Jadwiga’s Crossing: A Story of the Great Migration by Aloysius A. Lutz , Richard J. Lutz
  • Book – “Our Daily Bread: German Village Life, 1500-1850”, by Teva J. Sheer
  • Book – God’s Playground: A History Of Poland: In Two Volumes by Norman Davies
  • Book – The Study Of Obituaries As A Source For Polish Genealogical Research by Thomas E Golembiewski
  • Book – Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab
  • Book – A Guide To Chicago And Midwestern Polish-American Genealogy by Jason Kruski
  • Book – Haller’s Polish Army in France by Paul S Valasek
  • Book – Creating Kashubia, History, Memory, and Identity in Canada’s First Polish Community by Joshua C. Blank
  • Book – Polish Immigrants And Industrial Chicago: Workers On The South Side, 1880-1922 (1991) by Dominic A Pacyga
  • Book – Chicago’s Southeast Side by Ron Sellers and Dominic  A. Pacyga
  • Book – Chicago’s Polish Downtown (Images of America) by Victoria Granacki 
  • Book – Forgotten Doors, The Other Ports of Entry to the United States edited by M. Mark Stolarik
  • Book – Slownik Geograficzny by Filip Sulimierski, Bronisław Chlebowski, Władysław Walewski and others, Warsaw, multiple volumes published between 1880 and 1902 – available on DVD from Polish Genealogical Society of America (
  • Book – Ellis Island  by Loreto Dennis Szucs
  • Book – Island of Hope, Island of Tears: The Story of Those Who Entered the New World Through Ellis Island- In Their Own Words Hardcover – January 1, 2000, by David M. Brownstone,  Irene M. Franck,‎ and Douglass Brownstone
  • Book – Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Genealogy by Cecile Wendt Jensen
  • Book – A Dictionary of Jewish Names and Their History by Benzion C. Kaganoff
  • Book – Tracing Your Irish & British Roots, 2nd edition by W. Daniel Quillen
  • Book – The Old Germanic principles of name-giving by Henry Bosley Woolf
  • Book –  German-English Genealogical Dictionary by Ernest  Thode
  • Book – Understanding Meyers Orts : Translating Guide For The Directory Of Towns And Places In The German Empire by Dearden, Fay.
  • Book – A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire by Alexander Beider
  • Book – Handbook of Ashkenazic Given Names and Their Variants by Alexander Beider
  • Book – A Dictionary Of Jewish Surnames From Galicia by Alexander Beider
  • Book – A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland by Alexander Beider
  • Book – A Dictionary of English Surnames by P. H. Reaney and R. M. Wilson
  • Book – Slovak Personal Names by unknown
  • Book – Welsh Surnames by T.J Morgan and Prys Morgan
  • Book – British Family Names: Their Origin and Meaning, With Lists of Scandinavian, Frisian, Anglo-Saxon and Norman Names by Henry Barber
  • Book – A Handbook of Scandinavian Names by Nancy L. Coleman  and Olav Veka






England & Scotland

  • UK and Scottish online database – Find My
  • Scotland’s People –
  • Gens Reunited –
  • Lists of UK and Scottishgenealogy websites –
  • National Archives of Scotland –
  • The National Archives of UK –
  • National Library of Scotland –










Railroad Employment Records

Ukranian Genealogy Websites

International Tracing Service

Polish Genealogy Websites

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