How did Immigrants Pack to Leave Home Forever?

What would you pack if leaving your home forever? How would you feel if you did not have room for a favorite item?

Emigrants had to decide carefully what personal belongings to bring with them. Letters from their immigrant friends and relatives warned them that there was limited space available on their voyage, they only had room for the bare necessities. Items that families were able to pack often consisted of clothes, tools needed for a skilled trade, possibly a family Bible and a picture of their parents, family heirlooms, and necessary provisions for the trip. These items were typically packed in one trunk or perhaps a few suitcases to fit in the limited space that they were allowed. They stored their trunk in the ship’s cargo area. The early steerage passengers were given very little storage space near their sleeping area. They were allowed to carry only a few items that they could store on the beds. As the size of ships increased and sanitary conditions improved, shipping lines allocated more storage space in the steerage sleeping areas. Suitcases or carry-on items were stored in the sleeping area for the family to access during the trip.

Single males and females had accumulated less clothing and personal items to pack, but the selection process may have been difficult because they had to give away a favorite item.

How would you say goodbye forever?

The emigrant was leaving home, possibly forever.  Many had been traveling outside of their parish and their comfort zone for the first time. They were leaving their friends,  siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. They had to say goodbye as if they would never see them again. Some of the emigrants had thoughts of returning; an estimated twenty percent did return. However, most emigrants would never see their loved ones or homes again.

My grandmother, Anna Chmielewska, told my mother “that after I had received Hipolit’s letter telling me to come to Camden New Jersey,  I cleaned and repaired the clothing that I was going to take with me, and I looked through my other things such as hair brushes, pictures and jewelry to decide what I wanted to take with me to New Jersey. The letters from Hipolit also included money that was used for the tickets and I also purchased a used suitcase for my things. When the day to leave came, Boleslaw put my bags on his cart and drove me the seven miles to the train station at Czyzew. We had waited about an hour before the train came for me to leave Boleslaw, my family, and Poland forever. I was crying, and he gave me his last hug and helped me onto the train.

As you write your family history, try to find the words that let your family feel some of the joys and sorrows that your ancestors felt. Exploring answers to some of the above questions will probably bring your ancestors alive.


22 Responses to How did Immigrants Pack to Leave Home Forever?

  1. Mylik says:

    I would pack a portable fan and a cover and a pillow.

  2. Kaydence Starbird says:

    I would pack a pillow, blanket, some things to keep me busy, water and food.

  3. Anna Trisler says:

    I would pack clothes and money and maybe some family pictures.

  4. JaniyahJordan says:

    I woud pack a phone and clothes and memories

  5. Lillie bright says:

    I would bring my blankets and pillows clothes my computer and memories

  6. LilliannaBright says:

    I would bring my blankets and pillows my computer and memories

    • Wesley says:

      You don’t need to carry your memories they will automatically go with you since they are in your brain witch is in you.

  7. Wesley says:

    I would bring my games + controllers + consoles ex.Switch Xbox computer etc, food + drink, bedding stuff, Barney, and Eddie the doggies I put them separate not other stuff that goes together.

  8. Wesley says:

    If I get one I would bring a phone along too

  9. chickenwing says:

    I would bring blankets my ps4 and my tv.

  10. chickenwing says:

    I would bring blankets, phone, clothes, ps4, and tv.

  11. Amere chestnut says:

    I would bring clothes,electronics,hair stuff,bags,food

  12. Amere chestnut says:

    I would pack clothes, a blanket,food,water,my electronics

  13. Landen says:

    I would bring a computer, Xbox, TV,Tablet,and my money.

  14. JordynWagher says:

    I would bring food water some clothes and blanket

  15. Anna says:

    there were no electronics in the 1800s. But I would bring a coat, pictures, extra clothes, extra food, and a hairbrush.

  16. Harittta says:

    Well That was Super Good1

  17. Fe@rless_ says:

    I would bring food, water, bedding, clothing, blankets, dirt from my home country, and my Bible.

  18. ava says:

    food, water, money, hair supplies, and a sleeping bag.

  19. Ava says:

    hair supplies, food, water, money, and a sleeping bag that comes with a pillow.

  20. Kaitlyn Martin says:

    what I would pack would be clothing, food, money, a pillow, and water

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