I hated writing, but writing Family History is my Passion

In school, I hated writing, but I love writing about family history. It is one of my passions, but to be readable by my family, I have developed a method that seems to work.

I start by asking myself, What’s my topic? Why is it important? Then I write down the basic facts and stories that I have. Next, I go back to refine it which also usually leads to more research to fill in the missing details to answer my questions.

I try to have the first sentence or paragraph of the finished product reveal something important to the topic, so I grab the reader’s attention. I try to think about why my grandchildren or great-grandchildren would want to read my story. After my opening, the facts and other content need to flow to tell the story I want to tell. The information should flow in a logical order that slowly tells my story. At the end, I summarize my point or transition to the next topic.

The steps above are my method, but it is not from a writing course. If you are finding it hard to get started, you need just to start writing and do the best you can. Keep it simple and use your words and style. If you don’t write it down, who will?


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