More on Family TreeMaker has discontinued Family TreeMaker. We cannot control what Ancestry does. However, we control how much money we spend on subscriptions to genealogy companies and where we spend that money.

  1. We all want access to the databases on Ancestry but do we need an annual subscription?
  2. Will an occasional one month or periodic six-month subscription work for some of us?
  3. Paying for one, two or six months worth of subscriptions totals less than the annual fee.


With a subscription, FTM allows the download and merging of documents and citations, but this will cease in 2017. Without the merging function of FTM, there is no reason to have an Ancestry subscription to manage your Ancestry documents offline. If we have to attach manually documents to our offline software, research at your local library using Ancestry Library Edition can be used and costs us far less.


I have online trees on Ancestry but prefer to control my trees with offline software. I never used the sync function of FTM because I felt I would lose control of private information. I also felt that the offline software had better navigation, and the reports were easier to read than Ancestry’s online trees. I used my online trees only as a billboard to attract other researchers to exchange information. I also love downloading and merging information from Ancestry to my FTM trees. I have had annual subscriptions the last three years but will now change back to connecting to Ancestry using occasional monthly subscriptions.


I am sure that the above logic was not considered by Ancestry management when they made their decision to discontinue FTM. I am also sure that Ancestry will lose some subscription revenue because of their decision.


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