Insure the accuracy of your information

Compiling your family history is very important to you. It should also be important that the information should be accurate for your children and grandchildren to read. Following a process to ensure accuracy should not be ominous and  it should not detract from the fun of finding your family history.

Analyze and evaluate your documents for accuracy and relevance. Determine if your sources are original or derivative documents. Do they contain primary or secondary information?  Always try to obtain a copy of the original document. Document your sources to ensure you can properly analyze your information.

The credibility of each piece of information needs to be determined because some records may contain confusing and misleading information. Resolve any conflicts in the information. The conclusions you use in your family history should represent the best possible scenario based on the evidence you have after a thorough and exhaustive search. If your conclusion does not give a definitive answer, you should state in some way that more research is needed. Someone reviewing your work in the future should be able to benefit from your work if you clearly state the information that you find and accurately state your sources.


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